Exist Spiritually

SPIRITUALITY: (nspir-i-ch∂-‘wa-l∂-te

“The concept of belief that something greater more powerful than human flesh lives within us as a source of inner peace and internal connectedness to God.” – YSE

For centuries Spirituality has formed many versions of its believed terminology. Within the term spirituality it alone acts as a multi-dimensional use for many individuals, which also has been personalized, tailored, and standardized for particular religious/spiritual practices. Yo Soy Ella has derived its own definition of this concept, which simply encompasses one’s belief of knowing that we are not a stand alone vessel, but a creation that is spiritually divine. Within the concept of spirituality, it is a practice of connecting to the higher source through the use of your inner being, your spirit.  For clarity, Yo Soy Ella is not a religion based organization. We are Christians, meaning we believe in the holy trinity. Our organization’s practice is driven by spirituality and relationship with God more-so than “religiosity” and its practice. Religion cannot do anything for anyone if you don’t have an internal spiritual connectedness to your higher source. Our personal opinion of Religion is a means of categorizing/dividing/mandating/organizing  practices and beliefs; YSE does not wrap it’s mission around religious practices.

“This is a blog, not law.”


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