Exist Spiritually

Feed Your Faith, & Enjoy It!

October 14, 2014

Fun is absolute!…along with faith, love, and security. My father would say, “Sarah, the spiritual walk is a difficult one, but the walk without God is an even harder one.”  You would think the devil alone has the mass forces to distort your idealization of your faith, but sadly enough Christians, yes Christians as we well know, add their steam in making the process less enjoyable and productive. I make a point not to become a “spiritual lame or surrounded by the “spirit of lame.”  These persons are described as wanna-be holy characters who completely feel obligated to police others when they aren’t operating as a “Christ-like” Christian and occasionally the first to nod their heads in disgust, and wave that stiff index finger fervently back & forth the moment you “slip-up.”  This produces missed opportunity to communicate truth to one another–then the lack of any desire for spiritual affiliation continues. Way to go, *slow-claps.* Respectfully, don’t allow these holy-roller falsies turn you off from enjoying and celebrating a better you. Create an echoed thought to yourself stating, “I see myself as God sees me, only how God sees me.”

Being truthful to your person is key for spiritual-centeredness. Living in truth doesn’t mean boredom. Truth is about being free and completely accepting yourself, ALL of you.  You’re not guaranteed a closer seat to God by portraying this holy, clean perfect vessel for all man-kind –just stop it already.

Here are few suggestive pointers…

1. Surround yourself with youthful non-judgmental people. Duh, the obvious. They understand spiritual warfare, and won’t nail you to the cross when they hear you strategically lace cuss-words in speech at somebody (cuss somebody out!),  miss a spiritual/church gathering, or see you mesmerized in dance to the most ignorant, ratchet song; Gucci! Music is healthy, music does not always mean to intoxicate yourself with the message, but sometimes its just the beat, soundtrack, or how it makes you move your body. It’s about maturity; listen to the song, but don’t live through the negative message.

2. Believe in FUN, and believe you’re entitled to it. When you’re not having fun at anything, sadness will linger, you’ll isolate yourself, and then consider the whole mission of living spiritually an obligatory ticket into heaven. God wants us to be cheerful believers, and an attraction into the spiritual walk.

3. Become an expertise with a certain ministry, either its youth-group, women’s-group, men’s-group, or even studying different books in the bible. Studies have proven that a person’s self confidence boosts tremendously when they have perfected an area of study/profession. This creates passion, which then gives you a sense of meaning and pleasure at what you’re doing.  Being insecure about your belief increases hostility, which ruins the reputation of a Christian.  “There’s nothing so annoying as arguing with someone who knows what he’s talking about.”-Anonymous

4. RELAX, MAINTAIN. We will have to the read the Bible 50 times before we can fully comprehend the message. If you’re the type of person who wants to learn and know everything instantaneously, you’re in for quick disappointment. The Bible itself is a history matter, theology matter, language matter, and even controversial matter. These areas take years for full understanding and application. Also, there isn’t a specific allotted time that suggests you’ve reach the spiritual ladder, and recognize your purpose in the walk. Its an internal awareness that you will feel, and later your loved ones and friends will notice, but remember its all about YOU.

5. Get creative. We all have an innate gift, some are still trying to surface that gift…keep trying, its there. Talk it over with friends that notice your hidden talents. Once discovered, pray about how God can use you and talent for his kingdom. There are so many modern day churches that are doing the coolest things to keep their youth congregation engaged. Its all about figuring out the best way that works for YOU to stay connected. “Create Creativity.” http___signatures.mylivesignature.com_54492_320_5C901DB21899B290D7B659227EE24F4F



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