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Brainstorming Growth…

January 10, 2015
Diverse Businessman Brainstorming About Growth

Recently, I  was involved in a group discussion pertaining to growth. Although, the ideas exchanged were from various subjective views, it evolved into a quite informative brainstorming session.

Questions that arose…How is growth compared and  measured?  How is it realistic and both visible and tangible to others?  How much growth was experienced? Where were you before…or how did you begin? Does self-growth validate self-worth?

Growth is an area that people take very personal and quite serious if you ask me. The hard work, diligence, and the journey necessary to experience some level of improvement in growth will generally invite feelings of discomfort, elements unknown, and additional commitment.  This may very well be the few of the many reasons why growth is avoided in hopes that it self-evolves. Most people may agree, that growth should manifest its strength over time, trial, and that intentional efforts may manipulate your end result/outcome.

Let’s be honest with ourselves.  EFFORTS intended for the betterment of yourself, whether its spiritual, physical and mental are NEVER null and void. Kudos to those that choose to grow up and out of their circumstances! I’ll admit, as a child, when my parents would say “You need to grow up!” I accepted  these words as being somewhat offensive.

So what’s the bottom line? Where and how do we begin to foster growth in our lives? What if you like the person you  currently are…is growth welcomed, now, or again? I asked myself this when I was preparing to take the leap of faith and marry the man that was  put on earth for me. But I wasn’t sure that I was ready to accept the responsibility and commitment that  accompanied such a huge step.  I figured that  as long as we are kind, loving and respectful to one another, it was sufficient.

I LOVE who I am and want to remain that way. But when a voice whispers, “you need to grow up”, or “you need to be a big girl now,” it becomes frustrating since I wasn’t ready to receive this advice. The growing has a lot to do with IDENTITY.  If identify myself as a woman of truth, respect myself and others, embrace my beliefs and culture, then that’s growing up, right?

Not really! What about my LEGACY!?

Take the time as I have, to examine if  you’ve done anything daring or impactful in declaration of love, spirituality, service, and peace. Just ask yourself, and be honest. DO you really feel that living day to day, with the same routine, having the same responsibilities, really is, an onward path to building your LEGACY?

Be phenomenal, and radical about your mandate and beliefs.  This world is a host to many  ordinary and mediocre humans. Kick the coziness and the sense of comfort out of your system, and brave the risks and  journey the unknown.

Another question, to pose is are you being CHALLENGED enough? The landscape of change has  always prepared me for “war” against odds presented. I used to avoid them all together  because I  simply embraced  being comfortable and happy…well I thought I was happy, until I noticed great people who have made huge impacts admitting that avoiding the comfort zone was a contributor to their successes.

From this moment forward, everything I’ve done, and the rewards that resulted,  was gained through overcoming the challenges.

Growth is a personal investment; take inventory of yourself. It’s essential to our progression and essential to our self-assessments as  humans.

Only you can open up the opportunity to reward yourself with being the  better person you’ve always yearned to be. Growth is essential for our well-being, whether it’s personal, spiritual, physical, or mental. http___signatures.mylivesignature.com_54492_320_5C901DB21899B290D7B659227EE24F4F

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