photo 2As the youngest female of 5 siblings my upbringing was an everyday learning mission without shortcuts or that favored grading curve. My parents were true enforcers of culture, self-care, hard work, and spirituality. It was an unforgiving ritual of attending church twice- every Sunday, that contributed to my rebellion of man-made religious rituals to affirm one’s seat in heaven.  Eventually, I knew deep within, I wasn’t going to internally live a meaningful life with idolization and obligation to a religion, specifically Pentecostal, if I didn’t fully embrace the serene world of Spirituality.  As for me, it is through the Spirit where I am found, and where HE finds me. It is through the Spirit where I feel complete, ultimately compelled to live selflessly and share with other women how they can also  encounter balance with the mere devotion to spiritual empowerment. 

I must admit, I’m excited but quite nervous about stepping into the world of motivation/empowerment toward others. Who am I, who am I to encourage and grant my expertise of empowerment at such a young life, to others? These questions take place weekly as I prepare workshops and presentations. But then I question, Why not me, why not the woman who was given countless challenges, fought many battles early on, suffered in silence in her early 20’s,  BUT, (big but), mercy granted the privilege for my testimonies, that all along were necessary to humble me and bring true relativity to the women YSE serves.  I’m  passionate about service; its somewhat sensed as a moral responsibility to share my given gifts of service.  I was blessed with the vision of Yo Soy Ella, Inc. and her purpose. I hope you and anyone that you care for can benefit from Yo Soy Ella, and our blog. Together along this narrow path let’s remain beautiful and grow spiritually!      http___signatures.mylivesignature.com_54492_320_5C901DB21899B290D7B659227EE24F4F

Sarah Taylor is a woman with the best of both ancestries; she embraces her Afro-Hispanic ethnicity by exercising her passion of service. She is the first generation Panamanian-American, with immediate family roots in Panama, and extended ties in Jamaica, Barbados, and St. Lucia. Sarah received her Bachelors in Social Work at Northern Illinois University and her Masters of Social Work with concentration in Mental Health at University of Illinois at Chicago. She then, pursued certification in Clinical Social Work for Latinos at University of Chicago.

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