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“Cut out the NOISE!”

October 4, 2016
Written by, Judith Rapley

I just saw the movie ‘Race’. Without giving the whole movie away, spoiler alert for some of you, there was a powerful scene halfway through the movie when the runner, Jesse Owen, his coach and his track team are rudely being pushed out of the locker room by another one of the school’s teams and their verbally aggressive coach. That coach begins to yell and make a lot of noise which was quite overwhelming, intimidating, and distracting to Jesse.

His track coach continued to speak and instruct the team calmly and in a matter of fact way, directly and steadfastly drowns out that noise. All while the other coach continued to make a lot of noise over him, the track coach right through this continues to instruct his team. After a while, the noise dissipated. Once this noise ended, both teams got the point at which time the track team and their coach left.

Cut to another scene a few minutes later, where now Jesse and his team are in Berlin receiving an overwhelming amount of noise, as a crowd of on-lookers cheer for Jesse Owen and his team, even before they had won the medals they would by the end of the Olympic games. Different scene, different noise but noise nonetheless.

I invite you to consider a few things I took away from my reflections on these scenes:

1. There will always be noise.

2. Learn to ignore the noise.

3. People will make as much noise against you as they will for you. Neither their auditory noise against you or for you, or visually rewarding ones like their likes or comments on today’s social media platforms, make or define you.

4. Listen to your own voice. Learn to know and listen clearly for your own voice even in the middle of the noise.

5.  Make sure what God says about you makes the loudest noise. Drown other noises out by filling your mind, your heart, your soul, your life with Scripture, the truth and affirmations even if you don’t always feel that way or the rest of the world says differently.

Reflective assignment for you to consider:

1. Think, where is most of my noise coming from? My inner self, social media, family, old scripts and messages going on in my head, circumstances of life around me?

2. Which one do I most need to drown out or shut off? Once you identify it, shut it down! Cut out or silence that ‘stinking thinking’ whether coming from without or within.

3. In what area do I need to most affirm myself? What is good about me? Start listing your strengths! Keep that list to remind you in those noisier negative times.

4. Where can I immediately find new, uplifting, positive messages to drown out that negative noise? Scripture? Supportive friends? Past accomplishments? Go for it! Be intentional in matching that ‘other noise’.

You are not who people say you are- neither all that good or all that bad. You are who God says you are. Cut out the noise!

Let me know by commenting below or contacting me directly about what this change is like for you. If there is some way I can support you or interests that are important to you, please let me know. Sign up immediately here so that we can prepare satisfactorily for you.

All the best to you in Your Transformation for Life!

Be well,

Judith Rapley,  Life & Business Coach


How is “Your” Beautiful Communicated?

June 29, 2015

We tend to easily, but unintentionally over-criticized every inch of our body; from our nose, hair-color, lips, ears and so many other physical features. But what happens, when you realize the very enemy exist within yourself. You are the individual creating harsh, false perceptions of yourself with words you repeat daily – its possibly normalized as part of your everyday task; while you’re getting dressed, applying makeup, or in the shower. How does that transcend?  What power and role we have given these self-destructive words over our body? What message does that speak to your world and all those you interact with? The person that needs the most improvement on communicating beautiful is you! Check out one of Dove’s most influential video of how everyday women perceive themselves, with the assistance of a forensic sketch specialist.

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October 5, 2014
photo 3-1

Not your average “mall pic” with the bff,lol! But this is somewhat the culture of today’s girls day/night out!… the infamous “group picture!” This was taken at our “Check In” brunch with a few sorority sisters of ΣΛΓ, Sigma Lambda Gamma, where we discussed our professional journey and any needed motivation or insight on furthering its progress. We’re anticipating for the next outing, You’re welcomed to join us! YSE con Amor signature


Hello World!

October 1, 2014

IMG_2714Welcome to our WordPress! We are very new to the world of blogging, and we have some work cut out for us! Lets make this space fun for you and of course for us. Share our page with others, join our discussions; no need to conform just get comfy as we share, our beliefs, faith, and resourceful information we come across for Latina women and spirituality. Brace yourselves for our amateur creative writings skills, lol.  We welcome all insights, of growth, maturity, empowerment, truth, and even spell check (nonchalantly).  YSE con Amor signature