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Connection through the feminine: “The Power of La Luna”

September 1, 2016
Written by, Dieniz Costa

For nine months now, I have been gathering with my hermanas every new moon and full moon to honor and rejoice in the energy of la luna. You may be saying to yourself: “wait, what? Latinas and the moon?” Yes, I have come to deeply understand that we are all connected- not just we humans, but everything- the stars, the planets, the very soil that we stand on are connected to everything. One of my favorite quotes is “as above, so below.” These four simple words carry such deep wisdom and truth.

Have you been feeling tired and confused this week? You may feel it’s because of the busy weekend you had or your workload or a lack of sleep… that may be so AND it has to to do with the planets and that which is beyond the physical 3rd dimension. On August 30th, we entered into Mercury in retrograde. On September 1st we will be experiencing a new moon and a solar eclipse.

This next month is calling us to step up into that TRUTH, into our POWER. As Latinas, we are faced with the challenges of our culture, our programming, the inequalities of “la cultura americana” and yet we can move gracefully and powerfully through it all. We are in this world, not of it. This is why spiritual practice is a strong foundation in our lives;  it’s vital to our existence and evolution. In my experience, many Latinas are born leaders, paving the way for us all. Our spirituality gives us the strength needed in every moment. Connecting to the moon is a practice that truly gives to you-feeds you energy to continue serving the collective.
You may have heard about Mercury in retrograde- people often blame it for technology issues, bad karma, etc. Here is the truth- no energy is positive or negative. We are co-creators, period. We can take any energy, low vibrating or high vibrating and alchemize it to work with us, for us. This is exactly why I am writing this article: to help as many Latinas cultivate and harness the powers at large for their greatest good. We can sit around and blame this or that for holding back from playing life full out OR we can take what is and make miracles from it. 
This new moon and mercury retrograde brings about growth, an expansion in our collective consciousness and a rise in individual power. We will see a new wave of archetypes rising and claiming their place in our consciousness. We will hear the call to rise and be of service. Each and every one of us is a fragment of a hologram and a prototype at the same time. We each have a unique purpose and we are all a derivative of the whole- perfection in both the abstract and concrete, the spiritual and physical, the divine and human. 
Being in connection with the moon cycle has brought many gifts to my life.  I have been communing with my soul sisters every month in a sacred circle where we can stand for one another, side by side and powerfully declare our intentions, support each other in releasing the old limiting beliefs and habits and co-create a vision for what sisterhood looks like for each one of us moving forward.  Each month, every ceremony looks and feels differently and it is always perfect and divinely guided.  I have been able to feel the impact of having my own menstrual cycle in alignment with that of the moon, an intention I set back in April and have now successfully achieved.  It doesn’t feel as if I am fighting the natural forces during my cycle, rather, I receive an extra boost of love and light when it arrives and departs, just as I do with each time I commune with mama luna. All of the support I feel from sisterhood and la luna allow me to be of greater service in this world.  I invite you to ponder on your practices and to commit for a month of communing with the moon.  Below are a few options to commit to and begin your practice. 

A few exercises you can do to connect with the moon include: 
1. Moon bathing- sitting under the sky focused on the moon energy (it doesn’t matter if you can see the moon.)
2. Release the old and set intentions for the new (writing or speaking it to others)
3. Share the moon energy with others, i.e. Do a circle of friends, repost this blog, send out positive vibes to the collective.
Your practice is yours, make it what you desire it to be.  Please visit:
In sisterhood,
 Dieniz Costa
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If I Had The Power To HEAL…

March 16, 2016

Recently,  I was asked “If I had a super-power what would it be?” Immediately my heart began to race as if that super power would truly be granted. I mumbled several things and finally said, “To  HEAL!” I wish I had the power to heal every physical ailment, emotional and/or mental disorder. Three weeks later, I find myself still mentally processing the icebreaker activity and wondered, what if I can really possess the power to heal? Have I healed anyone before, unintentionally?

The act of healing in itself has transcended into various forms across religions and their respective  remedial purposes.  I personally wouldn’t consider myself a “healer.”  To be frank and honest I truly believe the miracles from being healed is a respected area for the head of the church and/or those persons who’ve attained appropriate credentials in the concentration of healing, however, after reading  “Draw the Circle, The 40-Day Prayer Challenge”, by Mark Batterson, I’m slightly convinced I have the ability to heal… slightly. Batterson challenges it’s readers to seek prayer not only as the gateway to commune with God, but also to heighten a sixth sense. This action will in return help plant your dreams, blanket you with peace, grant you discernment, and lastly, help you take a deeper dive to understanding God’s agenda. He ultimately wants for us to be  healed, restored,renewed, and to be forgiven! I’m sure throughout our lives we’ve heard many versions of what God intended our purpose  to be, but as for me, Healing as my purpose  came to me as a revelation: through the ministry of counseling/therapy, support groups, and small-talks with families, married couples, and teens.

Keep in mind, like many prayers and dreams, God doesn’t answer them all at the times and format most desirable and convenient to us. Batterson states,

“I wonder how many of our prayer requests are within our own power to answer. Yet we ask God to do what we can do ourselves. And then we wonder why God doesn’t respond. Maybe it’s because God won’t do for us what we can do for ourselves. God isn’t honored by prayers that are within the realm of human possibility; God is honored when we ask Him to do what is humanly impossible. That way, God gets all the glory!”…  Reflect on that.

Occasionally, we don’t pray prayers of healing because we’re afraid they would go unanswered, are too big, unable of being resolved, or just outright ridiculous. We’re  defeated before the request is denied, already in progress, or advised that right now is not the moment for God to show his Glory.  In addition, we’re left contemplating in our own confusion and questioning our faith, which is deeply vested into a source we live and die for, but yet, with belief, it has left us broken with unanswered prayers. Batterson speaks on this emotion and encourages persistence to keep asking, keep praying, keep seeking; I know it sounds cliché, but it’s all about God’s perfect timing that will calm your anxieties with HIS perfect peace.

We all  have responsibilities within our prayers to bridge a stronger relationship with God.  We are ordered through faith to release burdens and prayer requests to Him. With the act of Faith, one will begin to feel a sense of healing and anxieties being lifted off your shoulders. You’ve then, learned to exchange that worrisome-spirit for prayer.

Today, I believe that If you’re a praying person you’re a healing person. You’re eager to encounter God repeatedly and intimately in purpose to thank Him, restore others and yourself. Obviously, the “healing” power won’t transform you into a doctor, psychiatrist, financial adviser, and/or that recently hired attorney, to name a few. However, the most beautiful healing orchestrate grace,  peace, sanity in a chaotic world, and the understanding that you can always go to God to observe this intimate time of communication to address your needs and the needs of others.

If you’re able to understand this and offer yourself as vessel to bring peace, grace, sanity, and help your brothers and sisters understand the beauty  in going to God in prayer,  then my friend, you’ve just brought Healing to the broken.

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Brainstorming Growth…

January 10, 2015
Diverse Businessman Brainstorming About Growth

Recently, I  was involved in a group discussion pertaining to growth. Although, the ideas exchanged were from various subjective views, it evolved into a quite informative brainstorming session.

Questions that arose…How is growth compared and  measured?  How is it realistic and both visible and tangible to others?  How much growth was experienced? Where were you before…or how did you begin? Does self-growth validate self-worth?

Growth is an area that people take very personal and quite serious if you ask me. The hard work, diligence, and the journey necessary to experience some level of improvement in growth will generally invite feelings of discomfort, elements unknown, and additional commitment.  This may very well be the few of the many reasons why growth is avoided in hopes that it self-evolves. Most people may agree, that growth should manifest its strength over time, trial, and that intentional efforts may manipulate your end result/outcome.

Let’s be honest with ourselves.  EFFORTS intended for the betterment of yourself, whether its spiritual, physical and mental are NEVER null and void. Kudos to those that choose to grow up and out of their circumstances! I’ll admit, as a child, when my parents would say “You need to grow up!” I accepted  these words as being somewhat offensive.

So what’s the bottom line? Where and how do we begin to foster growth in our lives? What if you like the person you  currently are…is growth welcomed, now, or again? I asked myself this when I was preparing to take the leap of faith and marry the man that was  put on earth for me. But I wasn’t sure that I was ready to accept the responsibility and commitment that  accompanied such a huge step.  I figured that  as long as we are kind, loving and respectful to one another, it was sufficient.

I LOVE who I am and want to remain that way. But when a voice whispers, “you need to grow up”, or “you need to be a big girl now,” it becomes frustrating since I wasn’t ready to receive this advice. The growing has a lot to do with IDENTITY.  If identify myself as a woman of truth, respect myself and others, embrace my beliefs and culture, then that’s growing up, right?

Not really! What about my LEGACY!?

Take the time as I have, to examine if  you’ve done anything daring or impactful in declaration of love, spirituality, service, and peace. Just ask yourself, and be honest. DO you really feel that living day to day, with the same routine, having the same responsibilities, really is, an onward path to building your LEGACY?

Be phenomenal, and radical about your mandate and beliefs.  This world is a host to many  ordinary and mediocre humans. Kick the coziness and the sense of comfort out of your system, and brave the risks and  journey the unknown.

Another question, to pose is are you being CHALLENGED enough? The landscape of change has  always prepared me for “war” against odds presented. I used to avoid them all together  because I  simply embraced  being comfortable and happy…well I thought I was happy, until I noticed great people who have made huge impacts admitting that avoiding the comfort zone was a contributor to their successes.

From this moment forward, everything I’ve done, and the rewards that resulted,  was gained through overcoming the challenges.

Growth is a personal investment; take inventory of yourself. It’s essential to our progression and essential to our self-assessments as  humans.

Only you can open up the opportunity to reward yourself with being the  better person you’ve always yearned to be. Growth is essential for our well-being, whether it’s personal, spiritual, physical, or mental. http___signatures.mylivesignature.com_54492_320_5C901DB21899B290D7B659227EE24F4F

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Feed Your Faith, & Enjoy It!

October 14, 2014

Fun is absolute!…along with faith, love, and security. My father would say, “Sarah, the spiritual walk is a difficult one, but the walk without God is an even harder one.”  You would think the devil alone has the mass forces to distort your idealization of your faith, but sadly enough Christians, yes Christians as we well know, add their steam in making the process less enjoyable and productive. I make a point not to become a “spiritual lame or surrounded by the “spirit of lame.”  These persons are described as wanna-be holy characters who completely feel obligated to police others when they aren’t operating as a “Christ-like” Christian and occasionally the first to nod their heads in disgust, and wave that stiff index finger fervently back & forth the moment you “slip-up.”  This produces missed opportunity to communicate truth to one another–then the lack of any desire for spiritual affiliation continues. Way to go, *slow-claps.* Respectfully, don’t allow these holy-roller falsies turn you off from enjoying and celebrating a better you. Create an echoed thought to yourself stating, “I see myself as God sees me, only how God sees me.”

Being truthful to your person is key for spiritual-centeredness. Living in truth doesn’t mean boredom. Truth is about being free and completely accepting yourself, ALL of you.  You’re not guaranteed a closer seat to God by portraying this holy, clean perfect vessel for all man-kind –just stop it already.

Here are few suggestive pointers…

1. Surround yourself with youthful non-judgmental people. Duh, the obvious. They understand spiritual warfare, and won’t nail you to the cross when they hear you strategically lace cuss-words in speech at somebody (cuss somebody out!),  miss a spiritual/church gathering, or see you mesmerized in dance to the most ignorant, ratchet song; Gucci! Music is healthy, music does not always mean to intoxicate yourself with the message, but sometimes its just the beat, soundtrack, or how it makes you move your body. It’s about maturity; listen to the song, but don’t live through the negative message.

2. Believe in FUN, and believe you’re entitled to it. When you’re not having fun at anything, sadness will linger, you’ll isolate yourself, and then consider the whole mission of living spiritually an obligatory ticket into heaven. God wants us to be cheerful believers, and an attraction into the spiritual walk.

3. Become an expertise with a certain ministry, either its youth-group, women’s-group, men’s-group, or even studying different books in the bible. Studies have proven that a person’s self confidence boosts tremendously when they have perfected an area of study/profession. This creates passion, which then gives you a sense of meaning and pleasure at what you’re doing.  Being insecure about your belief increases hostility, which ruins the reputation of a Christian.  “There’s nothing so annoying as arguing with someone who knows what he’s talking about.”-Anonymous

4. RELAX, MAINTAIN. We will have to the read the Bible 50 times before we can fully comprehend the message. If you’re the type of person who wants to learn and know everything instantaneously, you’re in for quick disappointment. The Bible itself is a history matter, theology matter, language matter, and even controversial matter. These areas take years for full understanding and application. Also, there isn’t a specific allotted time that suggests you’ve reach the spiritual ladder, and recognize your purpose in the walk. Its an internal awareness that you will feel, and later your loved ones and friends will notice, but remember its all about YOU.

5. Get creative. We all have an innate gift, some are still trying to surface that gift…keep trying, its there. Talk it over with friends that notice your hidden talents. Once discovered, pray about how God can use you and talent for his kingdom. There are so many modern day churches that are doing the coolest things to keep their youth congregation engaged. Its all about figuring out the best way that works for YOU to stay connected. “Create Creativity.” http___signatures.mylivesignature.com_54492_320_5C901DB21899B290D7B659227EE24F4F