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No they didn’t!…Wait, of course they did.

December 15, 2015

This past Monday, media ignorance, once again, spotlighted negative attention regarding Kylie Jenner and Serena Williams. Hmmm…no happenstance here! For us to entertain the disgust may insinuate some embarrassment, but heck, we couldn’t keep hush about this eff’d-up nonsense. After the anger and blood-rush from reading about Kylie Jenner’s inaccurate comparison to “A Mix of Latina Celebs”, and further on with Serena Williams’s slight shade from LA Times, in discrediting her well deserved coveted cover on Sports Illustrated, for 2015 Sportsperson of the Year, we weren’t a bit surprised how jaded our society has “comfortably and boldly become.” As women these are levels of consciousness we must keen on when it involves mainstream ignorance w/race, gender, and ethnicity; yes, we know we’re preaching to the choir. Not that what’s requested here is to start some fiery protest, or throw a feminist tantrum, but to create a movement in our everyday creative environments and to reduce the possibility of these insulting articles to parade across social media as a mockery to diminish our very being. Today we learned the article published by PopSugar was taken down, due to the uproar it created amongst the Latina culture… Pa’lante! But then what? So now how do we go forward and ensure this foolery doesn’t surface? The world may never now, but we wont be surprised either. We aren’t even going to wait for whats to say or do with the horrendous mockery and comparison made between Serena Williams and American Pharaoh. I’m sure Serena has better things to entertain, since this is one of thousands insults served to her throughout her successful career.


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