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December 2015

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Embracing while Empowering

December 20, 2015
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I think it is safe to say that everyone has faced obstacles or challenges at some point in their lifetime. Whether it has been financial stability, depression, family issues or maybe you’re not feeling like your usual self; there are no limits. Tribulations aren’t that easy to get through, especially when you are dealing with these challenges alone. 

 What can allow situations like this to run smoother is when you have a great support system. It is truly uplifting and inspiring having someone telling you that everything will be okay and you will get through this.  Obtaining a strong support system shouldn’t be perceived as a weakness it doesn’t limit your independence. 

 It is just extremely beneficial when you have a group of people who care about you and accept you for who you are as a person and to be there with you every step of the way. These are the right people you need in your life. This could be a loved one, a friend, family of even be a mentor. Your support system is always there; there’s no need to look or search because at the end of the day they will reveal themselves.

 As women it is vital for us not to withhold strong individuality and independence. As Latinas we are strong, determined and courageous women, but even with that having the right guidance is very important. Some women don’t have the advantage of having the right support and love that some of us have today. This is why it is imperative as Latina women to support each other and be there for one another through everything. This means by being a helping hand you never know that by simply showing your support it could change someone’s life. 

 I learned that you never know what someone is going through and you never know there story. This person may perhaps be suffering through a traumatic experience or recovering from a difficult situation. We must engage and unite as a community. We continue to grow and flourish into a healthier people by elevating others. While empowering each other we are not only embracing but giving our support and that is what matters most. We are building and shaping our Latina community into something more moving and enriching. Change isn’t always a bad thing. 

-Jenay Wright




Organic Message

Holiday Blues, Family Feuds…

December 20, 2015

This time of year brings an onset of many mixed emotions; varying from finances, evaluation of the year’s accomplishments, and of course the family dynamic. This season calls us to attend family gatherings and fellowship over food and laughter, but for some, the sentiments are exactly the opposite.

It can be somewhat unclear what defining moment or act(s) that trigger the agonizing sense to hang around family. However, a jab at figuring it out at that the family reunion isn’t the best tactic.

Who’s to blame for not maintaining healthy traditions and frequent communication to keep families glued together? These unstable mechanics and lack thereof represent a multitude of what we can safely term, dysfunctional families gathering together.   The intent is plausible but the behaviors that in sue when there’s instability are what drives people apart.   Many normalize these occurrences and in fact make joke about the “tensions” or  “what’s going to go down at the Thanksgiving table,” where we should instead, take keen notes  and devise a plan to divert what  could lead to generational and mental misfortunes down the line.

To add, as an alternative, some members choose to avoid the act of congregating with all family to avoid any confrontations that can potentially disrupt their inner peace.  This can prove to be conducive but for how long are we able to negate our blood and live as if they don’t exist. Our consciousness can only bear it for so long. Working towards a common ground and agreeing to disagree is a lot easier on the mind, body, and soul.

This environment can be created and broken at a young tender age; when the mind is vulnerable and open to options and unbiased reasoning. Guiding your child(dren) in the best direction possible is a responsibility that not only do parents lift the heavy burden of, but it is vital for the purification and peace for the generation to come. Parents must resolve to filter if not refrain all together from positioning negative energy and opinions of family members and people in general.

Please be mindful, that self-expression and healthy and acceptable confrontation is necessary to deal with any fringes or disagreements we have amongst each other.  We want to be examples of and exhibit healthy discussion and problem resolution without violence.

Many of us from time to time have been shunned  by family  because of the life we chose to live, the paths we made for ourselves, the religion we’ve learned to love, the new spouse we deeply admire, etc. and because we don’t mirror our family tree we are forgotten or to be forgotten.  This isn’t natural this isn’t normal, but it is normal that it does happen in most families.  Our heavenly father created us equal not duplicates. We are all his precious children and in Him we are loved no matter what.  Of course absolving from activities that hurt oneself or another is a practical concern, but otherwise we are to be accepted for the uniqueness we offer to the world.   Creating an environment that encourages different skills, trades, imagination and intelligence to be celebrated is as beautiful as the many nations that exist on this planet.  Making good choices can be considered a skill. Skills develop through trial and error. Make conscious efforts to listen to wise counsel and learn to rise from the bottom. 

“Love from acceptance, don’t live for acceptance.” Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III


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No they didn’t!…Wait, of course they did.

December 15, 2015

This past Monday, media ignorance, once again, spotlighted negative attention regarding Kylie Jenner and Serena Williams. Hmmm…no happenstance here! For us to entertain the disgust may insinuate some embarrassment, but heck, we couldn’t keep hush about this eff’d-up nonsense. After the anger and blood-rush from reading about Kylie Jenner’s inaccurate comparison to “A Mix of Latina Celebs”, and further on with Serena Williams’s slight shade from LA Times, in discrediting her well deserved coveted cover on Sports Illustrated, for 2015 Sportsperson of the Year, we weren’t a bit surprised how jaded our society has “comfortably and boldly become.” As women these are levels of consciousness we must keen on when it involves mainstream ignorance w/race, gender, and ethnicity; yes, we know we’re preaching to the choir. Not that what’s requested here is to start some fiery protest, or throw a feminist tantrum, but to create a movement in our everyday creative environments and to reduce the possibility of these insulting articles to parade across social media as a mockery to diminish our very being. Today we learned the article published by PopSugar was taken down, due to the uproar it created amongst the Latina culture… Pa’lante! But then what? So now how do we go forward and ensure this foolery doesn’t surface? The world may never now, but we wont be surprised either. We aren’t even going to wait for whats to say or do with the horrendous mockery and comparison made between Serena Williams and American Pharaoh. I’m sure Serena has better things to entertain, since this is one of thousands insults served to her throughout her successful career.


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The songstress, Ruth B, has captured our ears!

December 5, 2015

We’re slowly becoming “Ruthies”, lol, a fan base for this up-and-coming young 20 yr old soulful talented artist/songwriter, Ruth B. We encourage you to listen deeply to one empowering song “Golden,” by Ruth B. It literally gave us chills. Its very deep, organic, and will surely give you another reason to affirm why you’re beautifully golden!!

Lyrics to “Golden”

Her album:

New Post!

What To Do When You’re Bored With Your Faith

December 1, 2015

RELEVANT MAGAZINE shows us few ways to refresh our faith and exercise our spirituality while remaining engaged and of course, interested in exalting something much bigger than us. As the article notates, we are humans and occasionally will get bored and disengaged with routine and search for stimulation in the simplest or for some, extreme ways. No way is wrong, but we want to encourage steadiness and consistency. Hope you enjoy your read as we did! RELEVANT Magazine is one of our favorite spiritually led literature that speaks to all generations, and all walks of life.

Many Christians continue to read a Bible every day that does nothing to their heart. They pray, and their words mean nothing. Somehow, many Christians have come to believe continuing a lifeless spiritual discipline is more important than finding new ways to experience a life-giving God
Think about it: Do you feel guilty on those days when you don’t open the Bible? I often do.

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